Connect Spacio with LionDesk! Manage contact information, from Spacio to supercharge your open house lead generation. With the Spacio LionDesk integration, you can:

  • Submit leads directly into LionDesk.

  • Place those leads on auto drip campaigns in LionDesk to start building a relationship with them!

  • Track the lead by using the LionDesk saved filters, all Spacio contacts have a Spacio tag.

You can connect Spacio with LionDesk in Settings > Integrations. Follow the directions below to learn how to connect with LionDesk:
Note: To connect LionDesk, you must have an active LionDesk account. Click here to create a LionDesk account.

How does the integration work?

When you connect Spacio with LionDesk, you can sync your Spacio open house event contacts to LionDesk. LionDesk will capture the contacts first name, last name, email, phone, and tag the address associated to the contacts open house form.

Connect LionDesk – Settings > Integrations

  1. In Spacio, on the left navigation bar click on Settings.

2. In Settings, click on Integrations.

3. In Integrations, scroll down to find LionDesk.

4. Click on LionDesk, and sign in

Note: You have the option of sending represented visitors to LionDesk too. To turn this on, click on the white box within the toggle.

5. Allow your Spacio account to access LionDesk, click Allow

6. After clicking Allow, you will receive a successful connection message.


You are now connected to LionDesk! From any open house event, your leads will start to funnel into LionDesk.

For more information on getting started with LionDesk, click here.

For more information on contact management within LionDesk, click here.

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