On Facebook specifically, any ads related to real estate services or from brands dedicated to the real estate industry are considered to fall within a Special Ad Category. Because of this, there are a few limitations noted below regarding the targeting criteria that can be adjusted by an advertiser.

Fair Housing laws

With Fair Housing laws in effect and real estate falling within Facebook’s special ad category, advertisers cannot discriminate against candidates for housing based on age, race, gender, and other protected segments. With that said, those criteria are locked and cannot be adjusted.

Geography limits

Geographic targeting can be adjusted to be a contiguous circle of at least 15 miles in radius around an address, blocking users from focusing on specific blocks or neighborhoods.

Personal interests

In regards to adjusting “personal interest” options, Facebook allows large interest related to real estate such as “apartment,” “real estate,” “house,” “renting,” and “job interview.”

Within your Spacio dashboard, Boost makes it easy for users to create and edit listing ads that automatically fall within the above special ad category guidelines. Ad edits that users can adjust in Boost include text, photos, the geographic area, the number of ad impressions desired, and the length of the ad run time.

Learn more about Spacio’s integration with Boost here.

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