Put guests at ease while collecting valuable event information by using Spacio's QR code feature.

  • Guests use their own mobile device to capture the unique QR code.

  • No commonly touched surfaces or complicated technology involved.

  • A simple, efficient, and secure touchless registration process.

How touchless registration in Spacio works:

  1. After creating your event, you’ll find the unique QR code under “Print Instructions” on the property listing details page in Spacio.

  2. Display the QR code on your event’s sign-in screen or share it ahead of time online.

  3. Guests will use their phone to capture the code, then fill out your form on their screen.

  4. Registrant information automatically transfers to agents’ CRMs for follow up.

Watch this quick how-to video on where you can find the unique QR code for your event.

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