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How do I set up a Private Event?
How do I set up a Private Event?
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You can set up a Private Event in Spacio in under five minutes! To get started, click on start event under your listing.

You can then begin setting up your Private Event.

The first thing you will want to do is to enter in your event details. This information is used for generating the auto email sent to Registrants, so it will not appear on the sign in form.

You can then proceed to schedule sessions by clicking on the "Schedule a New Session" button. You are able to insert your session date, insert a start and end time as well as limit the registrants. Each “session” will typically be a short duration of time – e.g. 15 or 30 minutes – and will have a limited number of registrants. If you want only one registrant in the property at a time, you can set a max of 1 registrant per session. You may allow for up to 10 registrants per session. A registrant doesn’t necessarily equate to one individual – as it could be a registration for a couple or family.

Once the session is added, you can add more sessions by following the same process. Please note that if you click on "Schedule a New Session", the start time will auto populate and pull the end time from your previous session to ensure no overlapping!

After adding all sessions, you can customize your sign in form, add any additional questions to your form and send a test auto email.

The last step is to save all changes at the top of the form. We'll also auto generate a registration link for you that you are able to share.

If you do run into any issues along the way, just chat in with our Support Team!

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