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How do I edit my sign in form?
How do I edit my sign in form?
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You have the ability customize your sign-in form to your liking in just a few steps.

Editing your Sign In Form

To start, you'll want to click on the "More" button next to your listing to pull up the option to edit your sign in form. You can choose to add a Standard Question from the Spacio database, create a Custom Question, or add a previously Saved Custom Question. Click the + icon to add a question, and the trash icon to remove it.

Please note that some brokerages may have mandatory questions in agent accounts that cannot be removed.

You will also see some other form customization options as well such as auto emails and printing instructions.

Default Form

If you plan on having the same set of questions for all open houses, it's recommended that you set up your default form.

  1. Click on "Settings" on the left bar then click on the "Default Forms" option

  2. You can then set a Default Form template that will be applied to all new open houses. You will need to go back to existing open houses and set the template to the Default Form template.

  3. Launch your open house and your Default Form question will appear!


How many questions can I add?

You may add up to 6 questions, but we recommend no more than 3 to ensure the best customer experience.

I want to make name and phone number mandatory. Can I do this?

No, at this time you have to pick one or the other.

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