At HomeSpotter, we know that capturing high quality leads help you close more deals. Let's review how two of HomeSpotter's products, Boost and Spacio, work together to help you attract, automate, capture and nurture more leads together!

Check out this short video about Spacio + Boost, or walk through each step below to learn more. 

Step 1: 

When you sign into your Spacio dashboard, you'll now see a Boost button beneath your listings. Tap here to get started with Boost!

What is Boost? 

Boost helps automate your digital advertising strategy, so you can enjoy more face time with clients. Boost creates online digital ads for new listings and open houses that will be seen on Facebook, Instagram and across the web by thousands of potential buyers. We'll build the ad for you, create a custom target audience to serve these ads to, and run the campaign for you from beginning to end. 

Step 2: 

Tap on Get Started, and Boost will power up your open house ad. In as little as 2-minutes, you can be up and running with a Facebook, Instagram and web ad that will feature your open house and help drive additional traffic to your event! 

It may take a minute for Boost to power up. As this page is loading, we're pulling in everything we need to create an ad for your listing and open house including listing photos and details, your branding and information and more. 

What types of ads will Boost create for me? 

We'll create an ad for your event for Facebook, Instagram, and across the web.
Check them out!
What is a Facebook ad?
What is a web or display ad?

Step 3: 

Now that Boost has powered up, it's time to review your ad! We've pulled in all the defaults for your ad, but we'll give you full editorial control so you can make sure these ads look exactly how you want! You can even choose to sponsor your ad from your personal business page and get some additional branding benefits! 

Wait! I was brought to this page first? Why? 

We'll do our best to match up the Open House information we can find for your listing from the MLS, but sometime we don't have everything we need. In this case, simply tell us when your open house is scheduled to start and end, and we'll do the rest! If you don't have any open house scheduled for this week, you can still use Boost to promote your listing with a 7-day ad campaign. Both campaigns will create an ad on Facebook, Instagram and across the web.

Step 4: 

Decide where you'd like to send traffic that clicks on your ad. We can create a branded landing page powered by Boost, or you can choose to send your ad traffic to any webpage of your choosing. Here's a bit more about Boost's landing pages

Step 5: 

Now it's time to choose your audience, or who will see this ad online. Boost has two options for you to select from: New people, or Your sphere. 

New Audience: 

If you select this option at checkout, you'll be prompted to choose a location or area where you'd like to reach people, and we'll do the rest for you! 

HomeSpotter’s intelligent targeting system creates a unique audience for each listing. The system categorizes a listing based on a variety of factors including price, number of bedrooms, and many other unique characteristics of the property that might appeal to specific home buyers described in HomeSpotter’s marketing personas. 

Your Sphere: 

Target contacts who have previously visited a HomeSpotter ad landing page, upload a list of your own contacts, or target your Spacio open house visitors.

To learn more about both options, check out this article

Step 6: 

The last step before purchasing your ad is to select your plan size, or how many people you'd like Boost to target while your ad is running. 

Plans come in small, medium and large sizes, with coordinating views (or impressions) for each. Choose your budget, and you're set!

What happens now? 

Once you've purchased your ad, it will begin running shortly (in about 15 minutes or so), and will start to target the audience you chose for the duration and reach you've selected.  We'll keep you in the loop anytime someone engaged with your ad, and we've even got some great ways for you to target your seller with your new ad and impress them with all the work you're doing to sell their listing fast and at top dollar! 

If you have any questions while your ad is running, email boost@homespotter.com and our team will get back to you soon. 

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