You can use the our new search for property feature, it is something we added recently in order to make it convenient for agents to find their properties without their brokerages sending us the listing information. 

To use the search feature:

1. Log into your web dashboard.

2. Click on Add Property on the top right corner.

3. On the left panel Search Property, inside of the search bar, select By Address or By MLS Number, then in the the field below, type in the address or the MLS number. If you search by address, instead of the full address, type in just the house number and the street name and click on the magnifying glass icon.

4. Once you see the listing loaded, please click on the Add icon and Add Property Button. 

*Please note as much as we want to have every listing from every brokerage to auto-populate into all agent's dashboard, the search might not include your MLS or properties at the moment, it will take time to improve as we are constantly adding new MLS and listings into the database.

As for now, please add in the listing information manually if you don't find it with the search feature.

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