There are quite a few reasons on why the leads you collected would not show up right away in your dashboard, please follow the checklist below to help us diagnose the issue:

1. Make sure the leads were collected with your own account
The leads you collect are tied with the Spacio account that is logged in at the time. If you are using someone else's account, the leads will be in their account. You can see which account you are logged in by click on Settings and click on My Account

2. Check if your property/leads are tagged as Inactive

We have a system that automatically moves listings into inactive based on the feed for your brokerage.

To access contacts on inactive listings:
Click on My Leads
Click on Filters option
Under From, select Inactive Listings
Click on Done

3. Sync your offline leads
The leads that you collected with your device (iPad or Android tablets) in offline mode needs to be synced before appearing in your web dashboard. To do that:

Using the device that you used during the open house, connect to the internet and inside of the dashboard, click the Refresh button to sync your offline data.

If your still don't see your leads, please contact us with the following information and we'll help you as soon as possible:

  1. Which device did you use to collect the leads?

  2. Did you use the Spacio app or the web dashboard?

  3. Did you use offline mode?

  4. Which particular listing is the missing leads under?

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